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Nitrates part two: groundwater, drinking water, estuaries and the WFD

Nitrates part two: groundwater, drinking water, estuaries and the WFD

IAH technical discussion meeting
06/03/2018 17:30
06/03/2018 20:00
Geological Survey Ireland, Beggars Bush, Haddington Road, Dublin D04 K7X4
Geological Survey Ireland

All welcome, see map below.

How to attend:

The overall objective of this IAH technical discussion meeting is to share knowledge on nitrate. Groundwater plays an important role in the nitrate story, both as a receptor for drinking water purposes and as a pathway to nitrogen-limited estuaries, so it is important to get contributions from the hydrogeological community. We will look at how big an issue high nitrate is in Ireland, nitrate transfer processes including leaching, denitrification, nitrate balances, travel times, fluctuations with depth and with rainfall etc. If time permits, we will move towards discussion on mitigation options but this might be best kept for another day.

1. Eva Mockler – Irish Context

(5 mins)

 To what extent in Ireland is high nitrate an issue? For estuaries, for groundwater?

 Where are the hotspots, and what sort of elevated levels do we have?

2. Rosin Dowd Smith – Cullahill high nitrate example

(5 mins)

 Longer time series

 What can we learn about process from this?

3. Eoin McAleer – nitrate transfer processes

(8 mins)

 Role of SMD?

 Travel times?

4. David Ball – results from the Fermoyle borehole

(10 mins)

 Shallow and deep concentration variations

 Responses in the shallow system to rainfall

5. Karl Richards – nitrate balances (TBC depending on availability)

(5 mins)

 Typical ranges in nitrate balances on dairy farms

 Curtains farm nitrate efficiencies and water quality concentrations.

The presentations are short and contain key points only, in order to leave plenty of time for discussion.