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GSI at Data Science Festival

GSI at Data Science Festival

GSI at Data Science Festival
23/07/2019 18:00
23/07/2019 21:00
Lecture Theatre, Geological Survey Ireland, Beggars Bush, Haddington Road, Dublin D04 K7X4
Lecture Theatre, GSI
How to attend:

​We are partnering up with the Data Science Festival to give two interesting talks about how we are applying data science to our work here at Geological Survey Ireland. This will be held in the lecture theatre on Tuesday 23rd July 6-9pm.

Talk 1 - Shane Carey – "Geo" Data Science – data collection, analyses, processing and visualisation from a geological perspective.

Summary: Have you ever wondered how high resolution 3D maps are created or why the need to collect this type of data? The first half of this talk conveys how this type of data is collected, processed, visualised and utilised from a geological perspective. The second half of the talk dives into data analytics and how to bring groundwater hydro chemical data to life through the use of the JavaScript library – d3.js.

Talk 2 - Dr Ted McCormack – Developing a National Groundwater Flood Map using Sentinel-1 Satellite Imagery

Summary: In recent years, a series of unprecedented flood events have highlighted the need for improved mapping methodologies for groundwater flooding in Ireland. This talk explores processing Copernicus and sentinel-1 satellite data with Python to automate the construction of flood hydrographs. This automation enables the estimation of probabilistic flood mapping which will contribute to the revised national groundwater flood being developed.

For more information, see link below and if you would like to attend please sign up to the free tickets: