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Environmental Monitoring in a Changing Environment

Environmental Monitoring in a Changing Environment

Transition Year Workshop on our Changing Coastal Environement
19/03/2020 09:00
20/03/2020 17:00
University College Dublin and Killiney Beach

Invitation Only: 8 schools have been invited to attend

How to attend:

The EU-funded CHERISH and Acclimatize projects have invited 16 Transition Year students to attend a two day workshop to experience and learn about techniques for monitoring and understanding coastal environments. The CHERISH project is looking at how climate change impacts the cultural heritage around Irish and Welsh coasts while Acclimatize aims to work out how marine bathing waters become polluted and how climate change may affect the quality of these waters in the future

The future risks of climate change in Ireland include increased storminess and sea-levels, and changes to rainfall patterns.  The combination of these factors will have a profound effect on Ireland's coastline leading to higher rates of coastal erosion through storm surges and higher wave energy. Students will learn about laser scanning and drone surveying techniques that can successfully monitor our coasts, and gain hands on experience in water sample collecting and analysis.

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If you are involved with a school that would like to be considered for future Transition Year workshops, please email