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Devonian Plant Fossils: a window into the past

Devonian Plant Fossils: a window into the past

02/08/2018 10:00
24/08/2018 16:45
National Botanic Gardens of Ireland, Glasnevin, Dublin 9
National Botanic Gardens

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​A joint exhibition between National Botanic Gardens of Ireland, the Geological Survey Ireland and the Natural History Museum will show-case the amazing 360 million year old fossils from Kiltorcan Quarry, Co. Kilkenny. Kiltorcan is internationally known for its rich assemblage of excavated fossils but this is their first significant public display. The fossils provided a fascinating glimpse into the plant world at the end of the Devonian Period.

The first significant adaptive radiation of life on dry land occurred during the Devonian Period. Free-sporing vascular plants began to spread across dry land, forming extensive forests which covered the continents. By the middle of the Devonian, several groups of plants had evolved leaves and true roots, and by the end of the period the first seed-bearing plants appeared.

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