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The Education section covers the following themes:

  • What is Geology?
  • The Geology of Ireland
  • Your County, your geology
  • Our Planet Earth
  • Natural Hazards
  • Rocks, Minerals and Gems
  • Earth Resources
  • Our Water
  • Fossils
  • Life as a Geoscientist
  • Glossary

Each of the themes can have sub-themes where more information is detailed in individual pages.

Throughout the Education pages, a table like below will feature resources to explore the sub-theme further, whether with Irish examples, resources for teachers, more information to be found on external websites or pages related to the theme within this website.


​​​​​ResourcesWhat to expect
Irish exampleslink/s to Irish examples
Teachers resourceslink/s to resources for teachers
More informationlink/s to external website/s
Related topiclink/s to a related geoscience topic within this website
Related programmelink to a related programme within this website
Related publication/slink to related publication/s within this website