Current Ground Survey Area

Tellus Urban Soil Sampling | Dublin City

Following the completion of the G7 block, teams of samplers will move into the greater Dublin area (G8 block) to collect soil samples. Soil samples obtained will be about 1 kg in weight and will be taken to a maximum depth of 50 cm. Samples will be taken at four locations for every 1km2 (or one sample per 0.25 km2). Included in this latest survey phase of the Greater Dublin Area, we will also be collecting a third sample – a vegetation sample – as part of our work with Trinity College Dublin Botany Department. All samples will be analysed for a range of geochemical elements. A total of 882 unique survey grid cells (survey locations) have been defined in the Dublin urban survey area. The urban survey will continue on from where the Tellus periurban survey ended, which nominally used the M50 motorway as a mapped boundary feature. This work is due to commence late early June 2021 and is expected to last for 6 weeks. A map of the survey area can be found below:

View our urban survey flyer here.

​If you would like to see how our soil, stream and stream water samples are collected, check out our instructional video series here on YouTube​.

View our ground survey flyer here.