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Climate Action at Geological Survey Ireland

​As geoscientists, staff at Geological Survey Ireland are in a unique position to assist in climate action. We understand the Earth, understand the necessity for accurate and robust data for underpinning policy and guidelines, and we have an established network of multi-disciplinary national and international partners with whom we can share best practice. Our work in climate action is in response to the anticipated effects of climate change in Ireland, including sea-level rise, increase in intensity and frequency of storms and rainfall events, flooding, and summer water shortages, as well as in the solutions of alternative energies, decarbonisation, and smart farming. Our outputs are data, maps and models, and will be of benefit to our partners in planning, resource management and in advisory services. In addition to our own work, we fund research and make our data available to researchers in climate action and climate studies.

Our climate action work is divided into the three broad themes of hazards, water and carbon: