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Geological Survey Ireland new drill rig has arrived

Geological Survey Ireland new drill rig has arrived


​The new drill rig was delivered this week and this Comacchio MC-T7 is a welcome addition to Geological Survey Ireland's equipment. 

This is a multipurpose drill rig mounted on a four wheel drive truck. It will be used for continuous flight auger drilling using 6inch solid stem augers to maximum depths of approximately 30metres, where we retrieve samples for geological mapping projects. It will also be used  for 'Down The Hole' drilling for groundwater monitoring projects to depths of up to 100metres. This rig will also be used for NQ  wireline coring to depths of up to 400metres.

The new drill rig will also help showcasing activities involved as part of drilling operations for the Geo-Drilling Apprenticeship at the Institute of Technology Carlow. The development of the apprenticeship was led by Geoscience Ireland on behalf of Geological Survey Ireland to provide drillers with a dedicated formal qualification in Ireland.