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INQUA Dublin 2019

INQUA Dublin 2019


​​INQUA Congress 2019 is on in Ireland July 25 to July 31. It is the largest science conference happening in Ireland this year with 2840 attendees from all over the world meeting in the Dublin Convention Centre to discuss Quaternary science (last 2.5 million years). The Congress happens every 4 years and the Dublin meeting is the conclusion to five years of hard work by the Irish organising committee, some of whom work in Geological Survey Ireland. The Congress was opening on July 25 by Mary Robinson, 7th President of Ireland, former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and current Chair of The Elders. 

Mary Robinson is pictured here with representatives of the INQUA Congress 2019 organising and representatives of the main sponsors, including Dr Brian McConnell from Geological Survey Ireland. 

See Congress website for more information. ​