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10 Things to Know About...

10 Things to Know About...


​Geological Survey Ireland will feature in the first episode of the new series of 10 Things to Know About… on RTĒ 1, Monday 12 November at 8:30 pm. To coincide with Science Week, the new series of the popular 10 Thing to Know About… will start on Monday 12 November at 8:30 pm with an episode devoted to the science of the seabed and ocean floor. The episode will show the work of the DCCAE-funded INFOMAR project in Geological Survey Ireland and the role of GSI with the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies in tsunami warning systems in the Atlantic Ocean. The show will star Maria Judge, Charise McKeon and Brian McConnell from GSI. 


Maria Judge, Marine geologist with the Marine Programme reveals 'The Real Map of Ireland'.


Charise McKeon, Geologist with The Marine Programme delves into the shipwrecks around Ireland.


Brian McConnell, Principal Geologist with the Geological Mapping programme explains the tsunami warning systems.

 More information on 10 Things to Know About website.

Catch up the episode on RTE Player (until 12 December 2018)