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World Soil Day 2019 | Geological Survey Ireland

World Soil Day 2019 | Geological Survey Ireland


​Geological Survey Ireland have created a poster to mark World Soil Day 2019. The poster illustrates information on soil and subsoil at Geological Survey Ireland. Click here to view the poster.

You will find below links to relevant programmes, projects, and data and maps as listed on the poster.

1. Quaternary sediments
Ireland’s Quaternary sediments, or subsoils, are mapped and modelled at various scales, including for Dublin and Cork cities.

2. National Geotechnical Borehole database
The geotechnical database holds over 7500 site investigation reports with 134,000 boreholes collected by private industry.

3. Geochemistry of soils

The geochemistry of Ireland’s shallow soils are being mapped by the Tellus programme countrywide. The geochemistry of Dublin’s soil has been mapped by the Dublin SURGE project.

4. Subsoil permeability
Subsoil permeability is mapped as part of the assessment of groundwater vulnerability to human activities.

5. Geohazards mapping
Geological Survey Ireland studies soil- and subsoil-related geohazards including coastal erosion, ground motion and landslide risk.

6. Terra Soil
Geological Survey Ireland is working with Teagasc to research new agricultural soil properties from the Tellus soil archive.

7. Soil as a waste
What happens to soil when it is excavated? Geological Survey Ireland works with the Environmental Protection Agency to
understand the chemical properties of soil before reuse or disposal.

8. Geothermal energy
Soil is a source of heat energy which can be captured by shallow geothermal systems. Geological Survey Ireland produces maps, reports and user guides for ground-sourced heat.