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Tipperary Coalmines Website Release

Tipperary Coalmines Website Release


The Tipperary Coalmines Website acts as a virtual museum for the historic coal mining of the Slieveardagh Coalfield, Co Tipperary, which operated into the 1980's. The website has been released on behalf of the Slieveardagh Mining Interest Group, and  has many engaging features including: Virtual Tours; information on mining artefacts; and details on the mining history and heritage that still exists in the local communities today. 

The human stories and heritage surrounding the collieries are the core focus of the website that was created by Margaret (Grace) O' Brien and Katy Goodhue. Accounts from miners that worked across the Slieveardagh Coalfield are a website highlight and give an insight into the gruelling yet rewarding work that was done.


The Tipperary Coalmines Website can be found here: