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Tellus on RTE1 10 Things To Know About

Tellus on RTE1 10 Things To Know About


​Episode 1 – Earth's Crust – Monday 13th November

Investigating the secrets under the earth's surface that threaten but also sustain modern living.

Radon is a silent, radioactive killer which is naturally contained in the rocks and soils across Ireland. Incredibly, exposure to radon gas is second only to smoking as the leading cause of lung cancer in Ireland, and Aoibhinn meets EPA David Fenton and RTE journalist Paul Cunningham to find out more about what we can do to minimise the health risk it presents. When Christine Keaney in Galway tested her house for radon she was shocked to discover a reading eight times the advised safe level – and was being exposed to the equivalent of receiving eight chest x-rays every day! Thankfully, as a result of the test and following advice from the EPA, Christine explains to Aoibhinn how she took the simple steps to better ventilate and protect her family from radon.

With efforts underway to improve our understanding of radon levels across the country, the EPA and Geological Survey Ireland are mapping entire regions of our island to identify areas at risk and highlight high radon areas to help inform future building development. Jonathan takes to the skies with GSI's Jim Hodgson to find out how the Tellus survey is collecting data on rocks, soil and water to create high resolution geological maps of Ireland. And alongside improved mapping, we show how Dr Mark Foley and his team at NUI Galway are investigating different building materials that could be placed under concrete foundations of houses, to improve radon ventilation before it enters our homes.

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