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Tellus Dashboard nominated for ESRI Award

Tellus Dashboard nominated for ESRI Award


​Tellus, a programme of Geological Survey Ireland, ​in conjunction with Aurum Exploration Services, have been shortlisted for the ESRI Ireland Customer Success Awards 2023 in the Field Operations category. This nomination acknowledges their effective use of a digital data capture (DDC) system to enhance fieldwork productivity which uses a specialised dashboard.

The DDC system is used in every part of survey work. The team in charge organizes which survey sites the field teams should visit each day. They use Field Maps to find their way and pick sites. They use an app called Survey123 to record the exact location and detailed notes about each sample. Lastly, Dashboards gives people involved in the project a way to see important updates and information in real time, like how much progress has been made, how samples are being handled, and the quality of the data.

Judith Mather and Dr Margaret Browne are notable for their contributions to this system. Best of luck to them and the team at the awards. The awards ceremony will be held in Dublin this Thursday.