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Some Highlights from EGU24

Some Highlights from EGU24


​Last week, the EGU General Assembly 2024 brought together a global community of geoscientists in an event that spanned the broad spectrum of Earth, planetary, and space sciences. Known for its inclusivity and focus on fostering discussions across all geoscience disciplines, the assembly aims to be a pivotal platform for scientists at every career stage, particularly those just starting out, to showcase their research and engage with leading experts in the field.

This year's assembly, EGU24, experienced an impressive turnout, attracting 20,979 registered participants. A significant contribution came from early career scientists, who accounted for 57% of the abstracts presented. Sessions focusing on climate were among the most popular, highlighting the growing concern within the geoscience community regarding climate issues.

The Geological Survey Ireland team was among the attendees, with seven members making their mark by participating in various sessions. One of the highlights for the team was their involvement in a symposium dedicated to discussing critical raw materials. Another great aspect to see was the number of Geological Survey Ireland-funded projects from various organisations such as DIAS, iCRAG, and various Irish universities.

The team from Geological Survey Ireland shared some of their highlights from EGU24:




Most interesting

Does climate change affect earthquake risks? (VIDEO)

Convener: Mary Antonette Beroya-Eitner Co-conveners: Fabrice Cotton, Kate Nelson

Most innovative

Fibre-optic point and distributed sensing: theory, instrumentation, observations and modelling

Convener: Gilda Currenti | Co-conveners: Philippe Jousset, Shane Murphy, Marc-Andre Gutscher, Gizem Izgi, Zack Spica, Sabrina Keil

Best use of Geological Survey Ireland data

Identifying the Transition Zone between Peat and Mineral Soils Using Airborne Radiometric Data: a national scale case study from Ireland

Authors: David O Leary, John Connolly Louis Gilet, Patrick Tuohy, Jim Hodgson, and Eve Daly

Most optimistic

The EU Critical Raw Materials Act – how geoscientists can directly inform European policy and regulation (VIDEO)

Convener: Aoife Braiden | Co-conveners: Ana Luisa Lavado, Mairéad Fitzsimons, Jakob Kloeve Keiding

Circular economy highlight

Critical metals and minerals from mining and quarrying waste materials: formation, recovery and environmentally sustainable management for their valorization

Convener: Antonello Aquilano | Co-conveners: Elena Marrocchino, Giovanna Antonella Dino, Angel M Lopez-Buendia, Stefan Dirlich

Best named

Lake SkyWater - a portable optical buoy for easily measuring water-leaving radiance in lakes based on the skylight-blocked approach (SBA)

Authors: Arthur Coqué, Tiphaine Peroux, Guillaume Morin, and Thierry Tormos

Best visuals

Visible Geology: a revolutionary shift in earth-related science education is here.

Authors: Rachel Murtagh, Peter Joynt, and Holly Chapman

Interesting Interdisciplinary Approach

Filipino youth-led place-based geoducation through knowledge sharing between young professionals and residents : the Nomad Projects OpenEdu workshops

Authors: Paula Naomi Irapta and Vien Valencia

Most Promising Early Career Research

Full-waveform modelling of coupling and site effects for DAS cables

Authors: Nicolas Luca Celli, Christopher J. Bean, and Gareth S. O'Brien

A new way of doing things

Mapping thermal conductivity in Ireland to determine geothermal potential

Authors: Emma L. Chambers, Duygu Kiyan, Riccardo Pasquali, Javier Fullea, Pat Meere, Sergei Lebedev, Chris Bean, and Brian O'Reilly

Best Poster Presentation

"Quake Shake" - A New Citizen Earthquake Outreach Programme In Ireland.

Author: Laura Reilly

Most Engaging Public Outreach

Reclaiming the rocks: ukuthetha ngezifundo zomhlaba ngesiXhosa

Authors: Sinelethu Hashibi and Rosalie Tostevin

The Geological Survey Ireland team at EGU24 from left to right; Rory Selby-Smith, Koen Verbruggen, Sophie O'Connor, Beatriz Mozo, Siobhán Power, Ana Luísa Catarré Lavado, and Aoife Braiden