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SFI Frontiers for the Future

SFI Frontiers for the Future


Science Foundation Ireland Frontiers for the Future Programme

SFI, in partnership with GSI, have announced the Frontiers for the Future Programme. Funding will support excellent independent researchers to conduct highly innovative, collaborative research with the potential to deliver impact, whilst also providing opportunities for high-risk, high-reward research projects.

The new programme comprises two streams – Frontiers for the Future Programme Projects and Frontiers for the Future Programme Awards

  • Frontiers for the Future Projects (2, 3 or 4 years; €200k-480k) will provide funding for high-risk, high-reward research that facilitates highly innovative and novel approaches to research.
  • Frontiers for the Future Awards (4 or 5 years; €500k-1M) will provide larger scale funding for innovative, collaborative and excellent research programmes that have the potential to deliver economic and societal impact.

The SFI Frontiers for the Future Programme will replace the SFI Investigators Programme and the SFI Career Development Award Programme.

Pre-proposal dealing is 28 March 2019. Full proposal deadline is 13 August 2019

Further information is available on the SFI funding website