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New ​Geological Survey Ireland funded Targeted Call projects announced

New ​Geological Survey Ireland funded Targeted Call projects announced


​Geological Survey Ireland has awarded €755,000 funding to five new ​Geological Survey Ireland Targeted Call projects. This was a new call launched in 2023 for projects of up to two years duration. Maximum funding of €200,000 was available for nominated topics or up to €100,000 for Open topics. 

Projects are expected to link closely with ​Geological Survey Ireland programmes with research outputs available to ​Geological Survey Ireland and other relevant stakeholders across policy, education and industry. 

The successful projects cover a range of topics from geochronology to hyperspectral scanning techniques to offshore geological mapping.  

  • EIRbSr – Establishing a national geochronological database
  • MATCH4 - Methodological Advances to Trace Past CH4
  • The use of hyperspectral geological core scanning for assessment of natural resources
  • Estimating shoreline recession rates for coastal hard cliffs using time-series elevation data
  • Bedrock mapping of the offshore Irish coastal and shelf regions

For more infomartion on the projects please go to our Funded Projects page.

For more information on the call please see our Closed Calls page.