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Landslide in north Leitrim, June 2020

Landslide in north Leitrim, June 2020

Location of Leitrim landslide on landslides susceptibility map

​The Geological Survey Ireland Landslide Susceptibility map shows the general location of the landslide event which occurred in north Leitrim on Sunday, 28 June 2020. The landslide occurred close to the Dawn of Hope Bridge, Drumkeeran, Co Leitrim. The area has a classification of moderately low susceptibility.

It is primarily mapped as blanket peat on slopes of 3-10 degrees. The national map shows that the highest number of landslides recorded in this category are those of peat in the 3-6 degree range. Landslides mapped in this category account for approximately 12% of all mapped landslides. The susceptibility and the heavy rainfall on Saturday is the likely cause.

The National Landslide database also shows a landslide event mapped in 2006 and listed as a bog burst.

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