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Launch of DECC’s Research & Innovation Strategy

Launch of DECC’s Research & Innovation Strategy


Minister Ryan has launched the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC) Research & Innovation (R&I) Strategy in an event attended by our colleagues in SEAI, EPA and other funding agencies.

It is the Department's vision that by 2030, we will be harnessing research to its full potential to drive the action and innovation needed to develop a climate neutral, sustainable, digitally connected, and cyber-resilient Ireland. 
Our approach is to put research and innovation at the heart of what we do and how we work.

Our mission is to build our capacity to deliver and use research to drive innovation and action in policy development, policy implementation, operations, and the roll-out of new technologies, while advancing the capability of the national research and innovation system to support our work. Our mission aligns with public policies to maximise the impact of research and innovation in the achievement of critical national policy objectives, including the green and digital transformations, across all aspects of our corporate commitments.

"We need high quality research to provide the evidence-base for policy across all activities, and to provide the basis for innovation, and the new technologies, we will need in the future." - Minister Ryan

Research & Innovation are important enablers of DECC's goals and will be vital in meeting the climate, communications, cyber security, energy, and environment challenges ahead. The Strategy sets out a strategic approach to facilitate ambitious engagement in R&I across all areas of DECC by recognising the transformational potential of R&I and endeavours to harness such potential.

"We will champion R&I as critical enablers of Ireland's green and digital transition and will work with our R&I stakeholders to produce the evidence we need to inform policy and develop cutting-edge solutions to the challenges we face." - Minister Ryan

The Strategy is available online for download here.