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Geological Survey Ireland at the EGU General Assembly 2024

Geological Survey Ireland at the EGU General Assembly 2024


The European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly stands as Europe's premier gathering for the geosciences, drawing over 16,000 scientists. This event serves as a platform for earth, planetary, and space science professionals to share their work through oral presentations, posters, and PICOs (interactive presentations that blend the strengths of oral and poster formats).

Scheduled to take place from 14 to 19 of April 2024, this year's assembly promises to be an enriching platform for sharing the latest research findings, innovative methodologies, and emerging technologies within the geosciences community.

Geological Survey Ireland is happy to announce its contribution to this year's event, with six sessions spanning topics from the communication of geoscience, to geothermal research and policy, and a symposium dedicated to the increasingly important Critical Raw Materials act.

For further details on these sessions, visit the session programme on the EGU website.

TitleAuthorsSessionDate & TimeLocationID
Connecting geothermal energy research and policy – an example from IrelandAoife K. Braiden, Sarah Blake, Koen Verbruggen
EOS4.1 | PICOThu, 18 Apr, 16:44–16:46 (CEST)PICO spot 2, PICO2.13EGU24-6524
From paper reports to 3D models for all – Irish geodata in urban settingsSophie O'Connor, Beatriz Mozo LopezITS1.5/NP8.6 | Orals | HighlightWed, 17 Apr, 14:40–14:50 (CEST)Room 2.24EGU24-18610
Connecting worlds: Mutual benefits of teacher–researcher interaction.Rory Selby-Smith, Siobhán Power, Fergus McAuliffe, Hannah Binner, Elspeth SinclairEOS1.1 | OralsThu, 18 Apr, 11:30–11:40 (CEST)Room M2EGU24-11952 | ECS
We need new generations of people who know about the Earth – what are we doing about It … in Ireland?Siobhán PowerEOS1.1 | OralsWed, 17 Apr, 16:50–17:00 (CEST)Room 1.15/16EGU24-16522
The EU Critical Raw Materials Act – how geoscientists can directly inform European policy and regulationConvener: Aoife Braiden | Co-conveners: Ana Luisa Lavado, Mairéad Fitzsimons, Jakob Kloeve KeidingUS5 | Union SymposiaMon, 15 Apr, 10:45–12:30 (CEST)Room E1 
Quake Shake - A New Citizen Earthquake Outreach Programme In IrelandLaura ReillyEOS1.1 | Posters on siteThu, 18 Apr, 16:15–18:00 (CEST)Hall A, A.124EGU24-7951 | ECS