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Geoheritage Grant Scheme 2020/21

Geoheritage Grant Scheme 2020/21


Geological Survey Ireland invites applications by 06 November 2020 for the Geoheritage Grant aid for 2020/21 up to a maximum of €10,000.

This grant aid is available to support small community-driven geoheritage initiatives that will assist:

  1. the delivery of public outreach, educational and geotourism activities to promote the geoheritage of an area; or
  2. the delivery of required educational and geotourism activities to help aspiring projects to develop as de facto geoparks; or
  3. the delivery of required educational and geotourism activities, for example helping UNESCO Global Geoparks maintain their UNESCO Global Network status.

Suitable projects could be the publication of a popular book, map or flyer; trail or signage installation; geoheritage related site preparation; product launch, innovative media concepts, online content, etc., that promotes the geology/geoheritage of the area.

06 November 2020, 12:00 (Irish Time)

Maximum funding
€10,000 including indirect costs

Maximum 12 months

By email – Applicants must follow the application instructions as set out in the document listed below.

2020 Geoheritage Grant Application Details (Download here)