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6th European Meeting on 3D Geological Modelling, Copenhagen

6th European Meeting on 3D Geological Modelling, Copenhagen


The 6th European Meeting on 3D Geological Modelling took place in Copenhagen, Denmark from Tuesday, 23 May to Friday, 26 May 2023. The theme of this year's conference was Geological Modelling for the Sustainable Society.

The conference was attended by 2 members of the Geological Mapping Programme from Geological Survey Ireland as well as geologists from other European Geological Surveys and representatives from 3D geological model software companies. 

Geologist Beatriz Mozo Lopez, form our Geological Mapping Programme, gave a short presentation about the state of the 3D geological modelling in GSI.

Image: Group of all the participants in the 6th European Meeting on 3D Geological Modelling

By the numbers the meeting included:

  • One day field trip to the MØNS Klint Cliffs
  • A half day tour of Copenhagen city centre led by geological guides who presented historical sites of geological interest
  • 101 participants attended the conference
  • 20 European Geological Surveys
  • 22 Countries
  • 18 countries gave an update of their 3D modelling, including Ireland
  • 23 Scientific presentations divided in four themes:
         o   Sustainability-Green transition (4 presentations)
         o   Geomodelling of the near surface; towards a sustainable society (9 presentations)
         o   Model dissemination and data management (5 presentations)
         o   Advances in research, trends and innovation in honour of Keith Turner (7 presentations)
  •  4 thematic breakout sessions:
        o   Political and funding strategies
        o   Collaboration and convergence between the surveys
        o   Use of numerical methods in geological modelling
        o   Handling of faults in 3D modelling
  • 13 Posters
  • 9 Software presentations and demonstrations from various companies 

You can access the abstracts from the 6th European Meeting on 3D Geological Modelling HERE.

About the European 3D geological modelling community 

At the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in 2011 a group of representatives from European geological surveys recognised the need to establish a series of meetings and workshops exploring the subject of 3D geological modelling. 

The aim of this community is "to exchange progress, problems and solutions to better understand and communicate the 3D composition and properties of the subsurface to support science-based decision making".

The first meeting took place in 2013 in Utrecht and since then every two years the surveys meet in different places.

You can visit the European 3D geological modelling community website HERE.