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JCT Geography Workshop

JCT Geography Workshop

JCT Geography Workshop
11/01/2020 09:00
11/01/2020 15:00
Dublin West Education Centre
Dublin West Education Centre

For teachers.

Register for this workshop on the JCT Geography website.

How to attend:

​Join Geological Survey Ireland and JCT Geography to take part in this suggested approach for Classroom-Based Assesment (CBA) 1: Geography in the News.

This suggested approach will focus on 'Metals and Mining' and use Ireland as an example. The main activity will be to explore the views of different stakeholders. Throughout the workshop, we will show how this suggested approach meets various learning outcomes, statements of learning and key skills, as well as showing how it could be used in a classroom setting and giving other examples of what could be done. 

This will be an opportunity to have a discussion about metals and mining, to have an Irish case study example and to tackle a less 'popular' topic.

We hope to see you in Dublin West Education Centre on 11 January 2020.