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IGA Virtual Lecture - New Ways to Hunt Down Irish Zn-Pb Mineralisation

IGA Virtual Lecture - New Ways to Hunt Down Irish Zn-Pb Mineralisation

IGA Virtual Lecture - New Ways to Hunt Down Irish Zn-Pb Mineralisation
15/11/2023 19:00
15/11/2023 20:00

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New Ways to Hunt Down Irish Zn-Pb Mineralisation 
Dr Aileen Doran
Wednesday 15th November @ 7pm via Zoom


Metals such as zinc, lead and copper are crucial for society, but there are many challenges remaining in how we explore and discover these important deposits. This talk will provide an update on recent geochemistry research across the southern Irish Zn–Pb ore field, introducing two techniques that could help us to identify hidden mineralization. The two new techniques are pyrite geochemistry and carbonate isotope analysis, focusing on minerals closely associated with mineralization. These techniques provide a better understanding of the formation of the impressive Irish Zn–Pb deposits; the results can be used as new pathfinders to find additional Irish mineralization. Internationally, knowledge taken from the Irish studies can be applied to help search for metals in other settings and other countries.


Aileen finished her PhD on Irish Zn–Pb mineralization in 2021 at University College Dublin (UCD) and is currently back in UCD as a post-doctoral researcher with iCRAG studying Cu–Co deposits of the Zambian Copperbelt. Aileen’s research focusses on understanding sediment and ore formation/alteration; hydrothermal fluid processes, including sources, mixing and modification; and on testing geochemical methods as vectors towards mineralization. Before joining UCD, Aileen worked at Geological Survey Ireland as a graduate geologist on the Tellus project, after finishing her undergraduate degree in geology at University College Cork in 2015.

Aileen actively promotes geology as an accessible and representative field for all, and she is currently Director of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Geoscience (EDIG) project, a global virtual initiative. 

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