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IAEG 50 Years of Irish-Type Zn-Pb Deposits

IAEG 50 Years of Irish-Type Zn-Pb Deposits

IAEG 50 Anniversary Conference
08/09/2023 09:00
10/09/2023 17:00
Galway Bay Hotel, Co. Galway
Co. Galway

You can register via the IAEG website HERE. 

How to attend:

​The Irish Association of Economic Geology will hold their 50 Anniversary conference "IAEG 50: 50 Years of Irish-Type Zn-Pb Deposits" on the 8th - 10th of September 2023 at the Galway Bay Hotel, County Galway, Ireland.

Geological Survey Ireland will be offering a paper to the conference "Geological Survey Ireland over the past 50 years" by Eoin McGrath of the Mineral Programme. Many other great papers have been offered to the conference and it looks set to be a true dedication to our Zn-Pb heritage in the last 50 years.

It is believed that it was in August 1977, at a meeting of the IAEG held in Athlone to receive a presentation on the Silvermines orebodies that the term ”Irish-type Zn-Pb deposit” was first coined. Since then, the term has been used across the globe so it seems an appropriate theme for the IAEG's momentous 50th celebration.

The conference will be held over two and a half days, bring together a global geological community and provide opportunities to explore Irish-Type deposits through physical core exhibitions and knowledge sharing.

You can find out full details of the event and registration HERE