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2023 Geothermal Webinar Series - Making Geothermal Heat Projects Happen

2023 Geothermal Webinar Series - Making Geothermal Heat Projects Happen

Making Geothermal Heat Projects Happen Webinar
08/06/2023 16:00
08/06/2023 17:00
How to attend:

A Brief overview of UK geothermal project types, TownRock Energy’s project development process, case studies and discussion of main barriers.

Hosted by Geological Survey of Northern Ireland
This is the sixth webinar in their 2023 Geothermal Webinar Series.

Webinar Speaker:
David Townsend - Founder and CEO of TownRock Energy

The big opportunity for geothermal energy project developers in the UK and Ireland is the decarbonisation of heat. Geothermal projects come in several fundamentally different types, depending on the local geology. A project concept must always be tailored to the requirements of a local heat customer, aka the client.

TownRock Energy have defined a proven development process that through several stage gates, allows for risk to be decreased as capital expenditure increases. Whilst this process has allowed for several projects to be constructed and begin delivering net-zero heat, historically many projects become stuck in the Discover (or Feasibility) stage. In this webinar, a selection of projects from the UK will be presented as case studies, illustrating the breadth of project type and also the activities undertaken at each stage of the journey.

Perception of geothermal is often of high risk and cost compared to alternative heat technologies, but compared to other net-zero heat technologies this is not true. Some of the key barriers will be presented, solutions described, and a discussion facilitated to unpack this timely and important topic as Northern Ireland looks towards making dozens of geothermal projects happen in the near future.

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You can access the previous talks form this excellent webinar series, as well as previous years', via the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland's (GSNI) YouTube channel HERE.