Groundwater festival in GSIThe Education Sector is becoming more and more integrated into GSI thinking and activity over the years.  GSI realises that our future lies in the hands of our children and so we must redouble our efforts to ensure that GSI is relevant to today's school-goers.  We want to encourage students to value geology, geography and science as subjects of importance.  And maybe even to encourage children to consider a career in science or more specifically geoscience.

Here in this section of the website we introduce the non-scientist to geology.  We explain in very simple terms what geology is and what it is about.  This is captured in our "Geology for Everyone" section.  See the navigation bar on the left for some interesting items for you to explore.

Various sitesWe also particularly highlight the "Sites, Walks and Field Trips" section. This provides some information about a range of sites of geological interest around the country.  Much of this information is not too technical.  We hope that visitors to these pages find themselves transported to some of Ireland's most scenic landscapes!  in these pages we also feature some stunning views of classic "European landscapes." GSI also publishes some "General Interest" publications that are aimed at the leisure and educations sectors - see the listing here.

Finally, we encourage anyone with an interest in the outdoors and / or photography to enter our annual Du Noyer Photo Competition.