GSI Services
Here we list only the main and more generalised services provided by GSI. Many additional services are provided either formally or on an ad-hoc basis by our various Programme Areas. Please visit the programme area that most reflects your area of interest for further information on such services. If you are uncertain, or are unable to identify a solution to your query in these pages then please contact our Customer Centre where a member of staff will help you with your query.

hydrogeologist at workFirst, a general word on our service provision:
GSI is responsible for gathering, storing and disseminating geological information to a wide range of users spread across a myriad of iindustries and sectors. We provide a range of services to customers in order to sustain our leading national role in geological sciences. in the delivery of these services we aim to ensure high quality and standards in the following areas:
  • Delivery of relevant services in a timely, cost-effective manner
  • Continual optimisation of data quality, data handling and information delivery systems
  • Commitment to ongoing data acquisition to keep data holdings current
  • Continuous development of staff expertise and experience
  • Active promotion of the GSI's contribution and value.

Please note that the GSI do not provide credit facilities. Goods or services for which there is a charge must be paid for by cash, cheque or credit card.


Woodblock drawings from GSI archivesGeneral GSI services
Many of the services listed here can be accessed via our Customer Centre.


Clifden Bay, GalwayAerial Photography
Between 1973 and 1977 GSI organised the first complete aerial photographic survey of the Republic of Ireland. The survey was flown at a height of 15,000ft to give a nominal scale of 1:30,000. The survey was commissioned primarily for photo-geological interpretation but the photographs are also suited to a number of other purposes. There are two sets of the photographs, each set shot from a slightly different point in order to use them for stereoscopic viewing (a stereoscope is available for use).

Both sets of Black & White aerial photographs are available for viewing in the Customer Centre. An index for the photographs, based on the National Grid, is also available.

Please note this is a viewing service only - we can not sell or photocopy these images. There is a viewing charge of €13.00 (Student €4.00)

Duty Geologist - general query service
As part of GSI's desire to provide top quality customer service it was decided some years ago to initiate a Duty Geologist Service. This professional geologist, contactable by rotating mobile phone, is available to deal with geology queries from any customer or member of the general public during office hours. Each week a different geologist performs this task and s/he is instructed to keep their diaries as free as possible during these weeks so as to be available as required, but an appointment is recommended. Duty Geologists are commonly asked to identify rocks, and can identify some rock samples on the spot, but if it is a specimen which is not easy to identify, the Duty Geologist will take the rock sample, and give it to other staff members who will try and identify it for you. “Is this a meteorite” is a common question? Staff at the GSI have yet had a real meteorite submitted for inspection, but If you want to try and identify a meteorite yourself, then these are good sites and may be of assistance.
Please click here for pages from the Natural History Museum, London.
Please click here for pages from the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis

This service is a back-up to our various Customer Centre services. This centre is manned by administrative staff who can handle many queries directly but more technical queries will be immediately passed to the Duty Geologist.

Document Management System

The GSI’s Document Management System (DMS) facilitates the digital viewing of maps and reports.  It contains upwards of 450,000 images, scanned from paper copies, from GSI datasets. These are now all available to the customer in house for free perusal. This system enables the easy provision of digital data to GSI’s customers, while paper copies in colour can also be printed and purchased for a nominal fee. 

More information on the creation of the DMS is available here.

Student cardsStudent Services
GSI offers a wide variety of products and services to students from Primary School level right through to those attending at Third Level. There are numerous publications available from the GSI Shop, including specific educational publications, and a full list of these can be viewed here.

There is a Student Discount of 33⅓ % off all Maps and Publications.

The GSI also hold a complete set of 1" and 6" field sheets dated from the 19th Century. These are avalable to view digitally free of charge in the GSI Customer Centre. These can also be purchased as prints or as digital images and the Student Discount also applies. These are quite a valuable resource to students involved in field studies in a range of different faculties.For sales and information please email GSI Sales, telephone 01 6782868 or call in person to the Customer Centre.

The GSI library is located within the Customer Centre and contains a large range of textbooks journals, pamphlets and theses on Irish and International geology. Access is free but photocopying charges apply. Contact 01 – 6782868.

GSI's core storeDrill Core Library
The GSI’s Core Library is situated in the Sandyford Industrial Estate. This large collection of core can be viewed there by appointment - contact Tom McIntyre 01 - 6782883/01 - 294 1227.

The listing of core holdings can be downloaded from here (3MB)
Access charge (including first 20 boxes) €100*
Additional boxes (per box) € 2
Additional daily charge €50. Sampling/sawing core (per metre) €25
*Donated cores may be viewed by the donor within a period of two years after donation at a reduced access charge of €40. Special rates are available for research projects.

Catering Annex, GSILecture Theatre and Catering Annex
The 90-seat lecture theatre has remote control twin slide projectors, an overhead projector and full computer, TV and Video facilities. Adjacent to this is a catering area with kitchen facilities. The charge is €300 per day and €150 for a half day. The charge can be reduced or waived in certain circumstances. The charge for evening use is €75 to which a charge for security cover may be added. HOWEVER FROM OCT 16TH 2009 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE THE LECTURE THEATRE IS CLOSED TO PUBLIC BOOKINGS.