2017 Outgoing Fullbright Scholar

The Geological Survey is pleased to announce that 2018 will see one outgoing Fulbright-GSI scholar who will travel to the US.

Dr Aggeliki Georgiopoulou (Marine Geology) is a Lecturer in Sedimentology in UCD School of Earth Sciences and a member of the Marine & Petroleum Geology Group, University College Dublin. Dr Georgiopoulou has been awarded a Fulbright-GSI Scholarship to visit USGS Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Centre, Woods Hole, Massachusetts for 5 months in 2018 to continue her research on submarine mass movements.

Submarine landslides are voluminous remobilisations of slope sediments, that for the North Atlantic margins that are categorised as passive and tectonically “quiet”, they can be the primary cause of tsunamis. Understanding the mechanics of submarine slope instability is therefore critical in assessing the tsunami risk in the North Atlantic and beyond. The Fulbright funded research will help:

(i) characterise the morphology of near-vertical submarine slide scarps, (ii) reveal the rupture mechanism and the mode of rupture propagation, (iii) identify the role alternate lithologies play in generating retrogressive failures.

Dr Georgiopoulou has participated in, or led, more than 12 marine research cruises on 9 international marine research vessels and has been lecturing in marine geology and sedimentology since 2009. Outstanding contributions to the field include: developing novel methods to map the morphology of submarine landslide headwall scarps using Remotely Operated Vehicles; research in the field of submarine mass movements and their consequences; and basement-controlled multi-phase slope collapse; and the age, initiation and processes of giant submarine slides.

Pictured Dr Aggeliki Georgiopoulou with Koen Verbruggen, Director Geological Survey Ireland

2017-2018 Fullbright Irish Awards Press Release (12 June 2017)