2016 Incoming Fullbright Scholars
The Geological Survey is pleased to announce that 2017 will see two Fulbright-GSI scholars coming to Ireland form the US to undertake research and teaching activities in Irish Institutes.

Prof. Nancy Riggs (Volcanology) from the School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability, Northern Arizona University, will spend 10 months in Trinity College Dublin in 2016/2017, hosted by Dr Quentin Crowley. During her visit she will also collaborate with Dr Brian McConnell at the Geological Survey Ireland. Prof. Riggs has considerable teaching and field experience and will contribute significantly to the teaching programme in TCD Department of Geology, in particular in the area of volcanology and palaeo-volcanology.

Her Fulbright scholarship goals are to:
1) bring expertise in Volcanology to undergraduate and post-graduate students through field trips and a class, thus broadening their education and perspective;
2) contribute to research that will use new Tellus geophysical data to address long-standing geologic problems regarding the ancient assembly of Ireland and a second that will use modern volcanological methods to assess an ore deposit that has recently reopened to mining;
3) explore ways to bring Irish and American students together to learn.

Prof. Riggs is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America and former Science Editor for the Geological Society of America Bulletin Science Editor. She holds a Certificate of recognition, NAU Commission on the Status of Women and an NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates award. She is currently a Faculty mentor for Northern Arizona University Association of Women Student Geologists.

Prof. William Berry Lyons (Geochemistry) from the School of Earth Sciences, Ohio State University and will be hosted by Prof. Peter Croot at NUI,Galway for 6 months in 2016/2017. He has been involved in the collection and analysis of natural water samples for over forty five years and has worked on geochemistry problems from very low ionic strength polar snow and ice to hypersaline brines in numerous desert locations in the world. He has published papers on major element geochemistry, trace element geochemistry, and isotope geochemistry and has extensive experience in all aspects of low-temperature and environment geochemistry.

While in Gawlway, Prof. Lyons will research the geochemistry of stream and bog waters in the west of Ireland. He will collect stream and bog water samples in counties Galway and Mayo and analyse them for dissolved major, minor and selected trace metals. The primary focus of the collection will be in the highest elevation portions of watersheds. The dissolved major element data will be used to determine chemical weathering rates, and the trace element information will be tied to the on-going Tellus program in order to provide important new information to aid in both environmental management and natural resource assessment.

Prof. Lyons also has vast teaching experience and will contribute to geochemistry, marine biogeochemistry, groundwater hydrology, sedimentation and stratigraphy modules in Earth and Ocean Science, NUI,Galway.

Prof. Lyons is a Fellow of the Geological Society of American, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Geophysical Union. He has been both the Ingerson Lecturer of the Geochemical Society and the IAGC and was winner of GSA's Limnogeology Division's IC Russell Award in 2011. He has also been awarded Ohio State's University Distinguished Undergraduate Research Mentor Award and is a Math and Physical Sciences (MAPS) Distinguished Professor at Ohio State.