The GSI supports geoscience research through provision of data and services, and direct funding of research activities. In recent years, the GSI has funded research through the Tellus and INFOMAR Short Call programmes and through the larger scale Griffith Geoscience Awards (GGA) programme from 2007-2015. The focus of the latter, as part of the National Development Plan 2007-2013, was to build capacity in the area of geoscience research on the Island of Ireland, a theme that the GSI has continued to maintain throughout its current research programme. The research outputs also supported government and EU policies such as the Water Framework Directive, Marine Spatial Planning Directive, environmental studies for heritage and planning projects and provided high level expertise to the knowledge economy.

In 2015, the GSI reassessed the needs of the geoscience community and, in consultation with researchers, have designed a 5 year research funding programme for the period 2015-2020; this, and the associated GSI Research Strategy, have been included in the national research and innovation strategy, Innovation 2020. The programme structures include a number of external collaborations and partnerships that will provide additional funding and visibility for geoscience research in Ireland. The opportunity for industry partners to engage in these activities will also strengthen the links between academia and industry in applied areas, while also supporting basic geoscience research.

In addition to its advisory and policy role, the GSI is a Research Funder, Research Performer and Research Collaborator. This provides the flexibility to support the research community in several ways;

  1. a. Research funder (direct funding from the GSI)

    The Geological Survey funds research in Ireland through a number of mechanisms including Short Calls (funding small scale projects, up to 12 months and less than €25,000 each), Postdoctoral Fellowships and the prestigious Griffith Awards supporting high level international research. 

    Projects funded to date can be reviewed here.

    b. Research funder (co-funded programmes with partner agencies)

    The Geological Survey has partnered with several other national agencies and research funders to expand the potential funding for geoscience and provide extra capacity and support for geoscience researchers. Programmes include: Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Investigators Programme; Irish Research Council (IRC) Enterprise Partnership Scheme; EPA, SEAI, The Fulbright Commission research Scholarships and Studentships and European Commission ERA NETs.

    For more information on funding opportunities, please go to Open Calls.

  2. Research Performer

    Several members of Geological Survey staff are directly involved in research activities, often in collaboration with external partners and with topics ranging from Quaternary studies to marine mapping. In addition, we are involved in a number of programmes in which the researchers, usually funded by external schemes, are based ‘in-house’ at the GSI. This allows exchange of ideas and skillsets between Geological Survey staff and our research partners.

  3. Research Collaborator

    We are involved in numerous projects ranging in scale from individual partnerships to large international consortia. National partnerships include the Marine Institute, Environmental Protection Agency, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and Teagasc. We also partner with international organisations through European funding programmes. As a member of these international projects, the Geological Survey has participated in programmes such as COST, Interreg, Collaborative Projects (e.g. in FP6 and FP7), ESFRI Infrastructure projects, ERA NETs. etc.

    If you are interested in collaborating with a member of the GSI team, please contact them directly or email