Technical Publications


Groundwater Protection Schemes
John Jackson Lecture 2004 - Making geology relevant to the people of Ireland
• Waste disposal sites
• Protection of wells and springs
• Groundwater quality and pollution
• Pumping tests
• Water wells - a guide to the development...
• The groundwater resources of the Castlecomer Plateau
• Groundwater study of the Maine River Basin, Co. Kerry
• Groundwater resources of the Republic of Ireland
• Groundwater in Co. Galway
• Groundwater and karstification in mid-Galway, south Mayo and north Clare
• Septic Tank systems and groundwater in Ireland - Pollution study
• Groundwater newsletters
• The Role of Geology and Hydrogeology in Environmental Protection
• The Selection and Management of Landfill Sites: Geological and Groundwater Aspects
• Pollardstown Fen - A hydrogeological assessment...
• Hydrogeology of the Avoca mine site and surrounding area, Co. Wicklow
• The Geology and Hydrogeology of County Dublin
• The Groundwater Resources of the South-East Industrial Development Region
• Groundwater Resources of the N.E. (RDO) Region
• Older Geothermal publications/reports

    • An Experimental Geothermal Survey of an Irish Bog - 1973 PDF
    • Some UK Contributions to Geothermal Studies - 1977  PDF
    • Proposed Geothermal Project for Ireland - 1978 PDF
    • Geothermal Energy in Ireland - 1979 PDF
    • Hydrogeothermal Conditions in Éire - 1980 PDF
    • Groundwater Heat Pumps - 1981 PDF
    • Proposed 3rd EEC Geothermal Programme - 1982  PDF
    • International Geothermal Energy Conference - 1982 PDF
    • Meeting of the Geothermal Energy ACPM - 1982 PDF
    • Groundwater as a conveyor of energy - 1982 PDF
    • Irish Groundwater Resources in relation to Geothermal Energy Investigations - 1983 PDF
    • Geothermal Investigations and Potential Development - 1984 PDF


A Master Class Guide to the Granites of Donegal
A geological guide to the granites of the Galway Batholith, Connemara, Western Ireland
Catalogue of type, figured and cited fossils in the Geological Survey of Ireland
• Thermal maturation levels in the Devonian and Carboniferous rocks of Ireland (1:750,000)
• The geology of the country between Slieve Aughty, the Silvermines-Devilsbit Mountains, and Slieve Bloom
• Lithological descriptions of rock units of sheet 6
• The Geology of Connemara and South Mayo: a technical geological description...
• A map and outline description of the Lower palaeozoic rocks of SW Wicklow and S. Kildare (one-inch sheets 128 & 129)
• Preliminary report on the geology of the northwestern approaches to Galway Bay and part of its landward areas
• Geological guide to the Dingle Peninsula
• Field guide to the geology of some localities in Co. Dublin
• The Caledonian and pre-Caledonian rocks of southeast Ireland
• Field guide to a traverse in the North-Western Irish Caledonides
• Geological guide to the Caledonides of Western Ireland
The Geology of Northern Ireland



• Exploration Focus series
• Mineral localities in the Dalradian and associated igneous rocks of Co. Donegal, Republic of Ireland, and of Northern Ireland (1:100,000)
• Mineral localities in the Dalradian and associated igneous rocks of Connemara, Co. Galway (1:100,000)
• Mineral localities in the Galway Bay area
• The metallogenic relationships of mineralization along the southeast margin of the Leinster granite (1:100,000)
• Mineral exploration of the Limerick Basin
• Gold in Ireland: the potential for mineralization
• Rare Earths in Ireland - the potential for deposits
• Provisional list of gold occurrences in Ireland
• Memoir of Localities of Minerals of Economic Importance and Metalliferous Mines in Ireland
• North Atlantic Minerals Symposium - extended abstracts


• Connemara Marble and the industry based on it
• The geological setting and economic potential of a green marble (Dalradian) at Lough Anaffrin, Co. Mayo, Ireland
• Off-shore coal in the Kish Bank Basin: its potential for commercial exploitation
• Industrial minerals in Ireland: their geological setting
• The Galway Granites: dimension stone potential
• The Mayo-Sligo Granites: dimension stone potential
• The Leinster Granites: dimension stone potential
• The Donegal Granites: dimension stone potential
• The limestones of County Cavan: dimension stone potential
• Carbonate sediments of the Irish coast
• The GSI industrial minerals newsletter

general minerals

Quarry Directory - Fourth Edition
Quarry Directory - Third Edition
Avoca: Our Mining Heritage
• An index to mineral and mining public records and manuscripts in Ireland
• An index to references to Irish mineral resources and mining activities in the Mining Journal 1835-1920
• Directory of active quarries, pits and mines in Ireland (2nd edition)
• Characterization of the Avoca Mine Site: geology, mining features, history and soil contamination study


• A reconnaisance radiometric survey of the Irish Republic
• A Gamma-Radiometric Survey of the Northern Units of the Leinster Granite
• An experimental geothermal survey in an Irish bog
• A total field magnetic survey of Co. Wicklow
• A total field magnetic survey of Co. Kerry
• A total field magnetic survey of County Dublin and part of County Meath
• A magnetic survey near Westport, Co. Mayo
• Compilation magnetic map: the Irish continental shelf and adjacent areas
• Detailed compilation magnetic map of Ireland and a summary of its deep geology
• A free-air gravity anomaly map of the Irish continental margin, and a new gravity model across the southern Porcupine Seabight


Geochemical Atlas of Europe - Volumes 1 and 2
• A geochemical survey of Inishowen, Co. Donegal
• Reconnaisance base metal geochemistry of one-inch sheets 120, 121, 130 and 139 (parts of Counties Wicklow, Wexford, Kildare and Dublin).
• Assessment of the geological factors influencing the occurrence of radon hazard areas in a karstic region
• Radon exhalative properties, radioelement content and rare earth element composition of Namurian phosphorite deposits, Co. Clare


• Transit sonar reconnaissance of the southern approaches to Galway Bay
• Identification of potential trawling-ground by side-scan sonar
• A preliminary report on the recent sedimentation on the sea floor immediately to the east of Dublin.

Special papers


Directory of geoservices in Ireland