1:100,000 Bedrock Geology Series

1:100,000 Bedrock Geology Series

These maps show the distribution of rock units interpreted to lie beneath the superficial cover of soil and glacial deposits. They also show the location of selected significant mineral occurrences. The accompanying booklets are fully illustrated in colour with figures and photographs.

The maps and booklets will be of interest to all who are interested in geology and geography, the environment and landscape, as well as exploration companies, students, planners and engineers.

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Contents (in general) of booklets and maps

All the map sheets contain:

  • The main map area, on which are shown geological units and their relationships; a selection of dip and strike and other structural data; a selection of fold axial traces; selected mineral occurrences.
  • A legend explaining the codes and colours used on the main map, together with the names of geological units and an abbreviated description of each (fuller descriptions can be found in the accompanying booklet).

    Marginalia diagrams show:

    • Simplified geology at about 1:500,000 scale, and the extents of areas over which relatively consistent stratigraphic successions can be delimited.
    • The lateral relationships of stratigraphic units.
    • The principal data sources which have been used in the compilation of the map.

                                            One or more cross-sections provide an interpretation of parts of the map in the third dimension.

                                              The maps are in full colour, plotted by a Calcomp Electrostatic Plotter. They measure up to 95 x 145cm in size including marginalia.

                                              typical 100k map
                                              1:100,000 sheet 13 (Meath)

                                              Booklets accompanying 1:100,000 Maps

                                              The booklets are in A4 format, and fully illustrated in colour with figures and photographs. They average 65 pages in length, and all contain:

                                              • An introductory section targeted at the layperson, describing landscape and geology, and a brief geological history of the area. Technical terms used in this section are explained in a glossary at the end of the booklet.
                                              • Sections on the Quaternary geology, selected metallic and industrial mineral occurrences and the hydrogeology.
                                              • A technical geological section, describing the geological history of the area, descriptions of geological units, structure, deformation and metamorphism (as appropriate), and a section on igneous intrusions.
                                              • A list of the references cited in the text. An alphabeticized list of geological units with a simplified lithological description.
                                              • Figures and plates, many in colour, support the text, and include a colour figure showing the simplified geology of the map sheet area.