Access to GSI Data

New Policy on Open Access to GSI Data

data access graphicThe Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, Mr. Noel Dempsey T.D. announced on the 21st February, 2007 open and free access to all GSI digital data. The data will be made available over the Internet. This change in data delivery policy will be implemented in phases.

The first phase has now gone live - it comprises Seabed (INSS & INFOMAR) and most onshore GIS data in their current formats, which are now available via our IWDDS and Spatial Data Download Pages

The following arrangements will operate immediately to give effect to the Minister's decision :-

  • There will no longer be a charge for access to our digital data in the formats in which they already exist. This includes raster images (tiffs, geotiffs) GIS data, Excel tables and Access databases, etc


  • Customers visiting the Customer Centre will have access to all data in the DMS free of charge. Charges for media (e.g. CDs, DVDs), printing or photocopying will apply as at present.


  • Where customers request professional services (e.g. customising of maps, data conversion, interpretation etc ) fees will apply as at present.

  • GSI asserts its Intellectual Property Right to, and Copyright on, all its data and customers are required to acknowledge this before gaining access.


  • GSI printed products remain for sale at their current costs.

For free downloadable data please visit 


Please contact for other digital data queries