GSI publications  As the National Earth Science Agency GSI is responsible for gathering, storing and disseminating geological information. This involves field mapping and recording of data as well as compilation and interpretation of geological data gathered by others. GSI maintains an ever-growing store of earth-science information composed of paper maps and reports, physical materials, a library and extensive digital databases.

The geological information held by the GSI is used by staff to answer queries, produce reports and compile special or series maps. The Public may also access these data, either by purchasing paper maps and reports or using free digital data.

Our archive documents and maps. previously only availble in our Customer Centre, are now available online on GOLDMINE.  This application has over 450,000 pages in original high resolutions, and smaller PDF format files.
Since 2003 this valuable data archive  has only been available to customers in our customer centre. Now 450,000 pages of archive documents and maps, including all our main datasets, are available online. The original high resolution file can be time consuming to download. So the images are re-sampled to make the files smaller, and are stored in PDF format. Datasets include Mineral Exploration Reports - Open File, Geotechnical Reports, boreholes & tests, Historic 6":1 mile and 1":1 mile Geologica

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