Web Mapping

The Information Management Programme has undertaken an initiative to put GSI maps on the web. The initiative has evolved from a number of areas, particularly the Irish National Seabed Survey and including our Geotechnical database GIS project and the CONOR database project. Essentially we are using proprietary Web Mapping software (ESRI's ArcIMS©) to place GIS (Geographic Information System) enabled maps on a web accessible server. We completed our first trial site internally in December 2002 with Seabed Survey Maps. In March 2003 we added a customised Web mapping site (gsi_multi), with samples of many of GSI's datasets and maps divided into themes. This customisation has been carried out by the BGS (British Geological Survey), under the CONOR project. The website is hosted by the Local Government Computer Services Board (LGCSB).

To go live click here.