Document Management System

The Document Management System (DMS) Project was undertaken at GSI to help meet our role as a National Archive for geological data, and to improve our data handling and provision of digital data. It was a major scan capture, index and database project carried out after a competitive tender process and majority funded by the Information Society at the Department of the Taoiseach. The contract was awarded to Spectrum Energy & Information Technology (UK) in Qtr 3 2001 and was completed in 2003.

This project consisted of:

  • Scan Capture of 450,000 pages and maps, including all of our principal datasets, (Mineral Exploration Reports-Open File, Geotechnical Reports, boreholes & tests, Historic 6":1 mile and 1":1 mile Geological Maps, GSI Publications, Bulletins, Published and Unpublished Reports, Groundwater Well Hydrographs, Marine Maps, Airborne Geophysical Maps, Mineral Locality Reports and Mine Record Reports and Maps). Scanning took place at an internal scan bureau established on-site at GSI and was completed in February 2003 and data was then loaded for convenient access.
  • Indexing of all key GSI data holdings listed above, with minimum information necessary for successful storage, searching and retrieval. This vital work was largely carried out by some of GSI's Temporary Geological Assistants.

  • Document Management System database, hardware and software, to store digital files with associated index information. The software being used is Centra 2000© a product of Auto-Trol technology (US). The software allows for detailed searching, versioning, data protection and customisation. The database runs on Oracle© and stored imagery is currently 1.4Terra Bytes in size.

  • Web Interface for internal access to the data from GSI desktops. This is also now available from the GSI Customer Centre, which opened in Qtr3 2003.  At present a number of limitations exist to making the data available via the Internet, not least the effective delivery of images which may be several 100Mb in size!

  • Scanning equipment, plotters, CD writers and PCs for GSI use, to maintain the DMS data sets going forward.

  • Training and Skills transfer in software & systems for GSI staff and development of training manuals.

A case study of the project (in pdf format) can be downloaded here.