Centrally Organised Records
Centrally Organised Network of Records (CONoR) Project
The CONoR Project is being undertaken at GSI to provide a revised Corporate Database. While it is a valid acronym, it is also a tribute to the man whose vision it seeks to implement, our former colleaugue, Conor McDermot (RIP). It is is a a major Oracle© database re-engineering project being carried out in conjunction with the British Geological Survey (BGS) under a Memorandum of Understanding, and funded by the Information Society at the Department of the Taoiseach.

This project is providing

  • Data Modelling, a new corporate data model for our principal datsets, (Metadata, Mineral Exploration Reports-Open File, Geotechnical Reports, boreholes & tests, Groundwater Wells, Bedrock Boreholes, Seabed Survey Data & Map Catalogue)
  • Metadata (Dataset descriptions) to ISO Standard for all GSI datasets (50 described to date).
  • Web Mapping. Customisation of ESRI ArcIMS© web mapping software for internal and external access to datasets. Use of ArcIMS internally has led to a greater awareness of datasets within the organisation, increased interest in GIS and actual cost savings in terms of substituting desktop software with browser access for certain users. The internal instance, is also acting as a test bed for the most visible external facet of this project, the GSI web mapping site, which went live in QTR4 2002. See Web Mapping page and will deliver Cold Fusion© screens for internal & external access the data when migrated from Geodata (the existing database) to the new database.
  • Training and Skills transfer in software & systems for GSI staff.