Information Management
GSI's Information Management and Information Technology Programme underpins the effective dissemination of GSI's vast repositories of data and information. Staff within the programme are partially segregated in focus but integrated in strategy.

The Information Management Programme is a relatively recent undertaking at GSI, intended to address the areas of digital products and cross sectional projects with a major IT component. The main work at present involves a number of different but related projects, many funded by the Information Society Fund of the Dept. of the Taoiseach. The work is carried out under the IT Section, but involves people from both support and programme areas and a mix of permanent, contract and consulting staff.

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The Information Technology Section feeds into the Information Management Programme and works closely with the Information Systems Division of our parent Government department, DCMNR and is responsible for:
  • Hardware Infrastructure Development
  • Network and Hardware Maintainance and Support
  • Ongoing expansion of our IT Network and systems 
  • Software Maintainance and Support
  • IT Training
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Ensuring via ongoing collaboration that Ireland is represented in various European initiatives involving Eurogeosurveys and other European institutions in e.g. GEIXS, EURMARSIN and EUROCORE projects.