The purpose of the Cartography Unit is to provide GIS, Cartographic and Desk-Top-Publishing advice and services to all Operational Programmes within the Geological Survey as well as Exploration and Mining Division, Petroleum Affairs Division and occasionally other areas of our parent department - the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.

The Unit is committed to providing the best quality service and products within our resources, in a rapidly changing environment.

The Cartography Unit is responsible for:

  • GIS - Desktop and Web
  • Digital map production
  • 3D Modelling - GIS
  • IT - Plot server administration
  • Desk-Top-Publishing
  • Printing
  • Scanning
  • Print Server administration
  • GSI's publication store
  • GSI's publication budget
  • Updates to GSI and Geoscience Ireland websites
Cartographer Unit large format scanner


The Unit is specifically involved in the following activities:
  • Support GSI Information Management, GIS and increased role in data management
  • Increased role to publish, author and manage web map services
  • Work with ArcGIS Server and GSI’s Mapstore
  • Produce custom GIS interactive section outputs
  • Involvement in development of GSI Web mapping applications
  • Present GIS output at meetings, conferences and workshops
  • Cross-functional work role with GSI sections and contract staff
  • Design and layout of Annual Reports and Newsletters
  • Continue to produce maps and publications prioritised by Sections 

Cartography Unit