Stanley Presentation

3D Radar Mapping for Ireland’s Future Needs and Prosperity

Mark Stanley

Intermap Technologies Ltd;

Intermap Technologies is an international business specializing in the capture of Terrain datasets for whole countries and regions. Using our airborne IFSAR STAR-i technology Intermap recently captured a complete DSM and ORI for the whole island of Ireland.

A DTM layer has also been produced and the presentation will explain in broad terms the technology involved, and outline the planning and execution of adding NEXTMap Ireland to the wider NEXTMap Europe datasets.

Detailed Case Studies will identify to the audience the wide range of applications for which the data can be used. These vary from legislatively driven requirements such as EU Noise Directive and Flood Planning to Urban Planning, Renewable Energy Planning, Mineral extraction, Agriculture and Land-Use, Utilities, Telecommunications and Infrastructure development.

Increasingly, 3D visualization forms part of the way in which both experts and the general public view and assess geospatial information and the presentation will also address advances in this area.

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