ORiain Presentation

Spatial Video

Gearóid Ó Riain1, Andy Day1, Tim McCarthy2, 3

1Compass Informatics; goriain@compass.ie 2National University of Ireland, Maynooth 3BlueGlen Technology

A spatial video solution has been developed that brings encoding and decoding of GPS onto video to a financially affordable and readily usable level, with a range of associated data viewing and extraction software solutions that allow the capture of in-video features to be extracted to database and GIS formats.

Linking to consumer or professional level cameras the solution is suited to a wide range of uses - from street and transport network surveys, tourist trail promotion, scene and security reconnaissance, to underwater and aerial applications. The suite of solutions varies as regards spatial accuracy and also in functionality including viewing methods and feature extraction.

The development of the spatial video solutions arises from a long period of development and use of aerial and ground based spatial camera and video systems in the partner organisations. It illustrates an industry-commercial partnership approach and seeks to deliver an internationally-focussed geobusiness from Ireland.

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