Lambkin Presentation

Earth Observations made at Met Éireann’s Valentia Observatory

Keith Lambkin
Valentia Observatory, Met Éireann;

Established in 1868 Valentia Observatory, now part of Met Éireann, is a subsection within the Department of Heritage, Environment and Local Government. It is the only Geophysical Observatory in the country. As well as being a member of Met Éireann’s network of synoptic stations, Valentia Observatory is also the country’s only Upper Air Station – using weather balloons to measure atmospheric parameters in the air mass above Ireland.

As well as being a fully equipped weather observation station, Valentia Observatory is also responsible for monitoring stratospheric ozone over Ireland. Exposed to the clean Atlantic prevailing winds, a suite of background air and rainwater pollutants are measured onsite. The Irish solar radiation network is run and managed from Valentia. The observatory is Ireland’s only Geomagnetic Observatory and conducts geomagnetic field surveys which are vital for aviation and navigation. Ireland’s first international seismic station is also maintained onsite.

This presentation will briefly describe Valentia Observatory’s Earth Science Observation programmes in these and other areas.

With new environmental questions to be asked and new technologies becoming available, Valentia Observatory’s observational programmes are continuously advancing to observe a rapidly changing world.

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