Coveney Presentation

Integration of offshore INFOMAR Bathymetric LiDAR with Irish onshore LiDAR datasets.

Seamus Coveney

National Centre for Geocomputation, National University of Ireland Maynooth;

Aerial bathymetric LiDAR constitutes an important component of a suite of methods for mapping bathymetry in near shore waters. INFOMAR has invested significant energy, expense and time in capturing high quality bathymetric data around the Irish coast, and it is desirable that these data are interoperable with coastal LiDAR captured by other agencies. The National Centre for Geocomputation at NUI Maynooth were commissioned by INFOMAR to undertake a research project to establish a set of methods for the integration of INFOMAR bathymetric LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data with existing onshore LiDAR data from external data providers. INFOMAR bathymetric LiDAR is already available for a number of INFOMAR priority bays, and OPW and OSI LiDAR data are now completed for significant portions of the Irish coast. The OPW LiDAR data covers large portions of the east and south coasts, in addition to selected sections of the west coast. Much of this data provides an overlap into the Littoral zone. The OSI data covers a large number of urban areas (including those on the coast) in addition to extensive rural inland coverage. Ensuring interoperability of existing (and future) INFOMAR bathymetric LiDAR with existing onshore LiDAR datasets offers potential advantages for INFOMAR, and is likely to be of interest to LiDAR data users in the Geosciences community if Ireland. This study seeks to establish a methodological framework for the integration of INFOMAR bathymetric LiDAR with existing OPW and OSI LiDAR datasets (and vice versa). Issues addressed include offshore-to-onshore and onshore-to-offshore integration, datum transformation error, external validation using FastStatic GPS, and the visualisation of integration performance.

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