National Quarry Directory
Directory of Active Quarries and Pits in Ireland
(4th Edition)

The fourth edition of the Directory of Active Quarries and Pits in Ireland was published in November 2014 at Geoscience 2014 by the Minister of State at the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources. The fourth edition contains 209 entries and provides information on Crushed Rock, Sand and Gravel, and Dimension Stone operations throughout the country.

The Directory of Active Quarries and Pits in Ireland includes information for each site on:

  • The location of active sand and gravel pits, crushed rock quarries and dimension stone quarries.
  • Contact details for quarry operators.
  • Details on the activities and processing carried out on-site.
  • A list of products available from each quarry or pit.

Directory of Active Quarries and Pits in Ireland
Vincent Gallagher, David Plunkett, Nathan Chikono, Dolores Duffy and Gerry Stanley

ISBN 189970265-2

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On-line viewer: (link here) and also on the GSI Public Data Viewer (link here) which includes downloadable content.

 Quarries Directory

The 2001 edition of the Directory of Active Quarries, Pits and Mines covers those facilities then operating in the Republic of Ireland. Small scale maps showing the approximate location of extractive sites supplement the Directory. The entries in the Directory are based on information supplied by the operators and includes operator name, address, location, contact person, rock or mineral type, geological description, products, specifications and scale of the operation. The Directory provides information on individual operations indexed by location, rock or mineral type, product and operator name.

Directory of Active Quarries, Pits and Mines in Ireland
(3rd Edition)

E.Doyle, C.Hinch and W. Cox


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Report & CD
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Directory of Active Quarries, Pits and Mines in Ireland

Interface for CD version of Quarry Directory

A digital version of the directory is also available on CD, which includes the ability to search for sites by county, all summary maps and the full details included in the directory. For each locality listed, a range of information has been compiled including:

  1. The name, address, telephone number and fax number of the quarry.
  2. The national grid reference of the quarry and its nearest significant town.
  3. The operator's name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail.
  4. The scale of the operation (in tonnes per anum).
  5. The rock/mineral type exploited.
  6. A full listing of the products produced by the quarry.

If you would like to be included FREE in the database or add information to it please contact Gerry Stanley or Telephone: 01-6782863 or Fax: 01-6782589