Minerals Potential Mapping
GSI has begun developing a new mineral resources programme the aim of which will be the production of a series of maps illustrating the mineral potential of the country. It is intended that the Minerals Potential Mapping (MPM) programme will eventually cover metallic minerals, industrial minerals and aggregates. The MPM maps will incorporate a wide variety of data relevant to both minerals exploration, including:
  1. geology
  2. geochemistry,
  3. geophysics
  4. mineral occurrences
  5. land resource planning
  6. past, current and potential aggregate sources, with physical test properties of potential sources.

Information will be compiled within a Geographic Information System (GIS) using existing and newly acquired digital data.

Aggregate Potential Maps (APM).

The essential aim of an APM would be to show those areas where the bedrock and surface deposits are suitable for use in the aggregate industry. The map, aimed primarily at those responsible for land-use planning and resource development and management, will be available in digital and paper form. A pilot APM has already been completed, by Project Geologist Vincent Gallagher, for north Wicklow and east Kildare incorporating separate maps for crushed rock aggregates and for sand and gravel deposits. An APM was also completed in conjunction with Donegal County Council (details here).

Metallic and Non-bulk Industrial Minerals (MPM)

The approach currently being studied for metallic and industrial minerals is based on digital compilation of the key attributes of individual ore types, either on the basis of an expert-led system or a data-led system such as weights of evidence. Attributes could include lithology, alteration, stratigraphy, structure, geochemical and geophysical signatures. The concepts underlying this aspect of the MPM programme are still being assessed with reference to experience elsewhere. Consultation with members of the exploration industry will take place.

For further information on the MPM programme contact Gerry Stanley Tel:01-6782863