Mineral Exploration Reports Library

OPEN FILE: Mineral Exploration Reports Library.

Open file report areaMinerals Programme maintains a unique databank which comprises assessment reports submitted by exploration companies under the terms of their Prospecting Licence. Licensees submit these reports, in the first instance to the Exploration and Mining Division of the Department of Communications, Marine & Natural Resources who are the National Regulatory Authority for minerals exploration and development. Upon surrender of the licence or after a period of six years, whichever is the sooner, the reports are transferred to the Geological Survey of Ireland where they are catalogued and placed on Open File. Reports typically contain information on the work carried out by the company during the reporting period and are usually accompanied by supporting maps, drill logs and often specialist reports, e.g., micropalaeontological or geophysical reports. The map on the left shows (in blue) those areas for which there are Open File data.

The Databank contains nearly 75,000 individual items in some 5,200 reports covering almost 1,600 Prospecting Licences submitted to the Department over the past 40 years. The catalogue of data comprises some seven volumes contained in loose leaf Lever Arch files. A sample extract from the catalogue is shown below.

Open file report exampleThe catalogue can be useful for clients who make frequent use of the databank in that it allows them to ascertain what information is available for any area in the country. Clients may if they wish order copies of material from the Open File by telephone, facsimile or email without having to visit GSI, thus saving valuable time. 

Clients may also request data without access to the catalogue by specifying any combination of a particular area, PL, company or time period, and a data search can be carried out for information. A summary of the files available or actual copies of the file index can be made available.

Access to the Data

GSI provides access to the Databank by prior appointment only to either:
Gerry Stanley. Tel: 01-6782863 Fax:01-6782589
John Butler (Clerical Officer) Tel: 01 6782751