Inventory Of Mine Waste Sites
This project was of six months duration, the final results were presented at the end of May 2000. The inventory of mine waste sites in the twenty-six counties is the Irish contribution to the EU-funded study "The management of waste resulting from mining, quarrying and from the treatment of minerals" which the EU Commissioner for the Environment has appointed BRGM of France to coordinate. BRGM’s contract involves the collection and analysis of mine waste data from all member states. The bodies chosen to proportion these data in most cases are the Geological Surveys of each member state. GSI received a four-page questionnaire to be completed for all relevant mine sites in Ireland. A selection of 31 appropriate mine locations has been made, many are single mine locations, others are groupings of mines, some are in operation and others are closed. The grouping of sites is based on geographic proximity one to another, similar metallogenesis and commodity type, or similar historical development. All of these groupings consist of closed mines from this century or abandoned sites from the last century. Inventory of Mine Waste Sites Poster

The commodities exploited at the chosen sites are varied:

  1. Base metals
  2. Energy minerals (coal),
  3. Industrial minerals and rocks (gypsum, dolomite, talc, barytes, fire clay, slate).

Neither aggregate nor dimension stone quarries have been included in the inventory. The information to be supplied consists of:

  1. Site location details and type of mining and processing carried out
  2. Types of waste produced, pollution incidents reported and current site use
  3. Environmental setting of the site, groundwater information and environmental impact of the wastes; relevant bibliography
  4. Current legislation for mining and mine wastes, and specific practices regarding waste management at each site.

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