Avoca Remediation

Two public meetings took place to provide the local community and other interested parties an opportunity to contribute to the proposed Action Plan for the Management and Remediation of the Avoca Mining Area. The meetings were attended by representatives from the Geological Survey of Ireland, Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Wicklow County Council and the consultants CDM (Camp, Dresser and McKee) who have international experience in this area.

The venue in both cases was the Woodenbridge Hotel.

First Public meeting – 26th July 2007

Attendance approximately 80

Presentations at the meeting

Action Plan for Avoca Mine Site
Action Plan for the Management of the Avoca Mining Site
Responses from participants at the meeting

Second Public Meeting – 8th April 2008

Attendance approximately 100

Presentation at the meeting (5Mb)

· Field study outcomes and draft plan on the remediation of the Avoca Mine Area

Written Submissions received

· Eastern Regional Fisheries Board

· Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland

· Vale of Avoca Development Association Ltd

· SPC Developments

· Celtic Copper Heritage

· Nick Coy

Feasibility Study for the Management and Remediation of the Avoca Mining Area

GSI on behalf of Minister Dempsey, Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, has appointed CDM to carry out a Feasibility Study for the Management and Remediation of the Avoca Mining Area. Work has started and is scheduled for completion in May 2008.

Avoca mine chimneyThis study will take into account the unique character of the Avoca site with respect to health & safety, the environment, the Avoca River and tributaries, specialised habitats, material assets, heritage, tourism and potential future developments in the area.

Initial field evaluations have taken place in the Avoca area. These are, being used to plan and schedule the more detailed field surveys and sampling, which will take place during the summer and autumn. The study will lead to costed proposals for the remediation and long term management of the Avoca site.

Information sessions and a workshop are envisaged over the course of the study to keep local residents and other stakeholders informed and to allow their participation. These will be advertised in advance in the local press.

If you would like to know more about this study please call our information line 01 672 2700 or click here, or email Avoca@gsi.ie.