Irish National Seabed Survey (INSS) & INFOMAR

Ireland is an island nation with a sea territory that is ten times that of our land area.
So it was only fitting that in 1999 the ambitious Irish National Seabed Survey (INSS) was launched.
It was a marine survey simply massive in scope, indeed it remains today amongst the largest marine
mapping programmes ever undertaken anywhere in the world.

During its six-year time frame Ireland has developed a world-leading reputation for seabed mapping
including methodologies, human capacity, know-how and physical infrastructure.
Under its implementation the majority of the Irish continental marine area has been mapped for an
investment of €32 million, producing over 300 paper-based charts and a total of
5.5 Terabyte of digital information stored on the INSS database in GSI.

The main concentration of INSS was deep water mapping Areas in Red
now there is a successor programme to INSS called
INFOMAR which concentrates on inshore mapping Areas in Orange and Green

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